Guangdong Junan Medical Technology Co., Ltd  is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Epidemic Prevention Materials, Medical Consumables, Medical Devices and Laboratory Equipment. For more than 17 years, we have been committed to providing competitive price, quality products and services to domestic and foreign medical companies, importers, government and private medical institutions. We satisfy our customers by providing comprehensive support, convenient purchase and timely after-sales service.

Our main products include Epidemic Prevention Materials like Nitrile Latex Vinyl Examination Gloves, Surgical Masks, KN95 Masks, Protective Coveralls, Isolation Gown, Surgical gowns, Face Shields and Class I, Class II, Class III medical consumables. Our Medical Devices include Ultrasound machines, X-ray machines and accessories, Fiber and Video Endoscopes, ECG and EEG machines, Anesthesia machines, Respirators, Hospital furniture, Electric surgical units, Operating tables, Operating lamps, Dental chairs and equipment, Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology equipment, First aid equipment, Mortuary refrigeration equipment, medical, laboratory and veterinary equipment, etc.

Apart from our own manufacturing, we have good relations with many manufacturers. Our vision is to become one of the best and most professional one-stop medical and laboratory equipment suppliers in China. Our motto is “AFFORDABLE AND QUALITY HEALTHCARE FOR ALL MANKIND”.